• What is the procedure for drawing Pensionary benefits?

The Pensioner has to present himself with his copy of authorisation/intimation letter for Pension, DCRG and CVP to the PPO/Treasury to whom A.G's Office has authorised the Pension/DCRG/CVP.

  • What are the reasons for the difference in the pensionary benefits calculated by the Department and that admitted by A.G.?

Normally, the difference is due to the error in arriving at the qualifying service and some erroneous pay fixation done by the Department. The position is explained in the admissibility report sent to the Department and the Pensioner. Pensioner can contact the Department for a detailed reply.

  • What is the procedure to be followed when the party copy of the authorisation has not been received  by the Pensioner?

The Govt of AP has issued a circular No:7614-A/127/PSC/89, Fin.&Ping. FW(PSC) dated 20.12.1989 to all the treasuries and PPOs not to insist for production of party copy but to make payment by identifying the pensioner through the descriptive rolls forwarded by AG Office along with the Pension Payment Order.



  • How can the subscriber know the balance at credit of his account?

Every year during last week of July, Annual account Statements are dispatched to all Drawing and Disbursing Officers for handing them over to the subscribers.

Any time during the year, the subscriber can know balance in his account through Interactive Voice Response System dialing the number 040-23231212

  • When can a GPF subscriber withdraw amount under the GPF account ?

Subscriber can draw

  • temporary advance (not exceeding half of the balance at credit) while in service for the purposes specified under GPF (AP) Rules.

  • Part final withdrawal (not exceeding half of the balance at creditable and ¾) while in service for the purposes under specified GPF (AP) Rules.

  • Final payment of entire balance at credit of the subscriber’s account will be authorized on cessation of duty.

  • What is the procedure for withdrawing amounts from GPF account?

Temporary advances and Part final withdrawals during service can be drawn by application to Drawing and Disbursing Officer.

Final payment of entire balance at credit on cessation of duty by final withdrawal application through DDO  to the Accountant General.

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