(As on 26-04-2004) 

This Brochure is meant to be a useful guide to departmental authorities (Particularly Pension Sanctioning Authorities), serving employees and Pensioners.

It presents only broad guidelines about the procedures to be followed.  It does not modify codal provisions of AP Revised Pension Rules 1980 which deal with different kinds of  pensionary benefits like Pension, DCRG, Family Pension and Commutation.  


(A)  For Serving Employees:

   (i)    Every Government servant shall submit a formal application for pension in Part I to his Head of
     Office at least 18 months in advance of the date of his retirement on Superannuation.

(B)  For Departmental Authorities: 

Processing of Pension Cases: 

i)  (a) Maintenance of Service Records 

          Pension is based on the length of qualifying service and on Average Emoluments or last basic pay drawn with effect from 25-5-1998.  It is, therefore, of utmost importance that the Service Book is maintained up-to-date and contains all relevant information and the entries are properly attested.  

 (b)     In respect of unverified portion of service if any, the Head of the Office shall arrange to verify the same with reference to Pay Bill Register/ Acquittance Rolls.

 (c)     If any portion of service rendered by a Government Servant cannot be  verified,  an affidavit shall be called for from the employee duly supported by collateral evidence and a declaration that he had in fact rendered that period of service. The affidavit can be accepted by the Head of the Office in case of non-Gazetted Officers and by Head of the Department in case of Gazetted Officers. The Head of the Office/Department  may issue a certificate to the effect that the Govt. Servant was in service during the relevant period and was not on extraordinary leave or under suspension. This certificate should be noted in Service Register under attestation. 

(d)      All orders and events affecting the service or emoluments or other benefits should be entered in the Service Book. Periodical verification of the entries in the Service Book should be done with due regard to the rules and orders. Option to Pension Rules, nomination etc. should be recorded in the Service Book and duly counter signed by the Head of the Office after proper and careful scrutiny and a note should be made to that effect in the Service Book.


Advance action should be taken to assess the dues payable to the Government  and the dues recoverable from the gratuity should be noted in Part II A of pension papers to be forwarded to AG six months before the date of retirement of the employee on Superannuation. Where  delay  is anticipated, action as contemplated under rules should be taken so that the pension claim may not be held up.


  i) After receipt of the formal application for Pension in Part-I from the    employee,      Pension Papers should be prepared and forwarded to the A.G. (through the sanctioning authority) at least  six months in advance of the date of retirement after according advance sanction in Part II-B of the Pension papers.

 ii) In case, during the time between submission of pension proposals and date of retirement, any facts come to the notice of the sanctioning authority necessitating the revision of the sanction, the same must immediately be intimated to the Principal Accountant General and receipt confirmed. All Pension Sanctioning Authorities may please note that if they wish to get the Pension or gratuity of a retiring employee withheld or to be released after imposing a cut they have to inform AG before the employee actually retires.  The Principal Accountant General will  release gratuity on the date of retirement withholding 10% for want of No Dues Certificate, and Rs.1,000/- for want of Last Pay Certificate if no major dues are outstanding against the Government servant as intimated in the Pension Proposals and Last Pay Certificate is not furnished by the date of retirement. The withheld amount, however, will  be released without further reference to the department if no communication is  received within three months from the date of retirement. The pension sanctioning authorities/head of the offices are requested to be extra careful in respect of those service pension cases where the proposal is being submitted after the date of retirement, as AG will release Pensionary Benefits if nothing is mentioned in the Pension proposals about pendency of departmental proceedings or dues to be recovered. 


Following  documents are to be sent along with Pension Papers. The pension forms prescribed by Government vide G.O.Ms.No.263, Finance (F.W. PSC) Department,  dated 23.11.98 are common for service pension/family pension/retirement gratuity/service gratuity/commutation

1.  Application Form for Pension, Gratuity and Commutation in Part. I including list of family members.

2.  Nomination for Gratuity, Commuted Value of Pension and Life Time Arrears.

3.  Descriptive Rolls in triplicate.

4.  Joint photo of spouse and self with identification marks and specimen signatures of spouse in triplicate.

5.  Part II-A indicating calculation of Pension, DCRG and NDC.

6.  Part II B sanction of Pension Sanctioning Authority.

7.  Service Registers.

8.  Medical Certificate if the claim is for invalid pension.

9.  In case of voluntary retirement, copy of the orders of the competent authority permitting it.

10.  Last Pay Certificate.

11.  Grant in aid certificate in respect of teachers of Aided Schools/Colleges.

In respect of death cases in addition to the above, the following documents should be forwarded to AG  

12.  Attested copy of death certificate in death cases.

13.  Guardianship Certificate in respect of minors.

14.  Attested copy of nomination for gratuity if filed by the deceased employees.

15.  Attested copy of legal heir certificate.

16.  Certificate of Age Proof where the children happens to be family pension beneficiaries.


(i)  Payment of Pension: 

After verification of the applicants' title to the claim and its correctness, the pensionary benefits will be authorised by this office for payment from the Treasury/Pension Payment Office through which payment is desired. Intimation of issue of authorisation will be sent to the pensioner. He should present this intimation to the Treasury Officer/Pension Payment Officer who will handover the pensioners copy of the Pension Payment Order to him. It may however be noted here that the payment of pensionary benefits should not be denied on the grounds that the pensioner had not submitted his copy of intimation letter vide Government circular Memo No.7614-A/127/PSC/89, Finance and Planning (FW PSC) Department, dated 20.12.89. If pension is not claimed within one year from the date of issue of PPO, the payment of arrears of pension is subject to the provision of A.P.T.C.Vol.I. If DCRG payment is not made within six months, revalidation by AG is necessary for payment.

(ii)  Payment of Pension Through Banks: 

Payment of pension can be arranged through Banks on making necessary application to the Treasury/ Pension Payment Officer in accordance with the provisions laid down.

The retiring employees can also indicate the name of the Bank, Branch, Place and S.B A/c No. in the Application Form for pension vide Part. I of Pension Papers. 

(iii)  Loss of PPOs/GPOs: 

(a)      When Pensioners’ copy of PPO is lost, an application is to be sent to the District Treasury Officer through the disbursing authority for issuing a duplicate. If disburser’s half will be issued by A.G’s office on receipt of a letter from the DTO with last payment particulars. When copy of Gratuity Payment Order or Commutation authorisation is lost, it should be reported promptly to A.G. who will issue fresh authorisation after calling back and cancelling disburser’s copy. A non-payment certificate should also be sent to A.G. along with disburser’s copy of authorisation.

(b)      In cases where the original pension payment order (both the copies of Treasury Officer and Pensioner) issued by AG is lost in transit and not traceable, the AG will take action to issue duplicate Pension Payment Orders duly obtaining the pensioner’s copy of intimation along with non-payment certificate from the pension disbursing authority. Similar procedure will be followed in case of Gratuity Payment Order and Commutation authorisation which are lost in transit and not traceable.

(iv) Commutation: 

Medical examination is not necessary for commutation, if the application is received by the Department within one year of retirement except in case  of invalid Pension. The willingness of the Pensioner to commute pension (maximum 40% of pension) has to be indicated at Column 5 of Part I of  Pension papers . One may only state the fraction of pension proposed to be commuted or as “Maximum admissible under the rules”. No commutation is permissible while Departmental or Judicial proceedings are pending against the pensioner.  After conclusion of departmental proceedings and issue of orders thereon, if pension is allowed either in full or in part, the Pensioner has to apply for commuted value of pension in the prescribed form and the commutation will become absolute on the date on which the application is received by the Head of the Office.

(V) If Pensionary Benefits are not authorised within two months of receipt of the Pension case complete in all respects, please bring it to the attention of the Deputy Accountant General(Pension) for redressal within a month.

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