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In Andhra Pradesh state, initial accounts are compiled by the treasuries themselves at the district level and compiled accounts are rendered to the Principal Accountant General. Accounts are compiled from the monthly compiled accounts rendered by treasuries and the  PAOs of public works and forest divisions. In addition Inter-Governmental transactions affecting state Government balances through the Central Accounts Section, Reserve Bank of India, Nagpur and through the exchange of DDs/cheques are also incorporated in the accounts by this office.

Monthly Civil Accounts is the consolidated account of the transactions of the State Government showing receipts and payments of the Govt. which have originated within the State as well as transactions of the Government with other States, Central Ministries, various RBIs and Government Departments indicating clearly the opening cash balance at the beginning of the month and closing cash balance of the Government at the end of the month.

Monthly Civil Account of the State Government for a month is rendered to the Finance Department of the government by 25th of the succeeding month.

Principal Accountant General (A&E), Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad

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